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The Governors in post at 1st November 2016 are as follows;-

The Green School Trust Board of Directors


Ms Clare Arnold (Chair)
Ms Elizabeth Wolverson (Vice Chair)

Mr John Beastall CB
Mr Gavin Bennett

The Revd David Maclure

Mrs Charanjeet Remnant

Mr Peter Williams
Mrs Sally Yarrow


Company Secretary: Mr John Wiffen

Clerk:  Mrs Janet Walker


The Green School Trust's Audit Committee
Mr Peter Williams (Chair)
Mr John Beastall CB
Mr Gavin Bennett

Mr Isaac Jempeji (Independent member)

Mrs Charanjeet Remnant

Committee Secretary: Mrs Janet Walker


The Local Governing Body


Mr John Beastall CB (Chair and Foundation Governor)


Foundation Governors

Mr William Clark

Mrs Sarah Davies
Mrs Carol Fletcher (Vice Chair)

Mr Amit Gupta-Chaudhary
Dr Julie Morgan


Mrs Sally Yarrow


Community Governor
Ms Unsa Chaudri


Co-opted Governor
Ms Sukhy Bahia


Parent Governors

Mr Douglas Neal

Mrs Zahra Nurmohamed


Staff Governor

Mr Jim Kent


Clerk:  Mrs Irene Bowles


The Local Governing Body does some of its work through committees, as follows:


Finance and Premises

Student and Curriculum
John Beastall (Chair) John Beastall (Chair)
Gavin Bennett Carol Fletcher
Unsa Chaudri Jim Kent
Will Clark Zahra Nurmohamed
Doug Neal  
Peter Williams  
Carol Fletcher (Chair)  
Unsa Chaudri  
Julie Morgan  

The Governors can be contacted via e-mail to the Clerk, Irene Bowles at

The governance structure for The Green School consists of two tiers: the Board of Directors of The Green School Trust and the Local Governing Body.

The Directors have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for the school. They fulfil this responsibility largely through strategic planning; setting standards and key targets; agreeing the main school policies and the School Development Plan; monitoring and appraising the school’s performance; and setting the budget. The Directors have the power to direct change where required.  Directors may attend meetings of the Local Governing Body and its committees if they wish.

The Directors appoint and manage the performance of the Headteacher.

The Local Governing Body’s responsibilities include:-

  • Monitoring pupils’ academic achievement
  • Ensuring that all pupils receive support according to their individual needs;
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching
  • Reviewing the staff structure
  • Scrutinising the school’s finances regularly and in detail
  • Overseeing spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • Reviewing specific curriculum issues and extra-curricular activities
  • Establishing and maintaining links with parents
  • Setting up panels as required for admissions, staff grievances and disciplinary issues and student exclusions.

All Governors are linked with an area of activity within the school.  This enables them to get to know the school through informal visits.

Governors do not get involved in the day-to-day management or operation of the school nor in issues relating to individual pupils (other than in the case of an exclusion panel).  They cannot make decisions as individuals unless they have specific authority from the full Governing Body to do so.

Both tiers of the Governing Body and the Headteacher work in close partnership for the good of the school, respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities.  Governors act as "critical friends" to the Headteacher and the school, by supporting the Headteacher in the performance of her responsibilities by providing advice, feedback and constructive challenge.

All Governors bring relevant skills and experience to their task and undertake appropriate training.

Except for the Headteacher, who is ex officio, members of the Local Governing Body are appointed or elected for three years, although they can be reappointed or re-elected.  The constitution of the Local Governing Body is as follows:-

  • Six Foundation Governors, appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • One Community Governor, appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Two Parent Governors, elected by parents.
  • One Staff Governor, elected by staff.
  • The Headteacher, ex officio.
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