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House System

Our House system will help to promote an inclusive ethos where many opportunities are provided and success is celebrate

Rejoice in The Lord                                                                                          Serve with Gladness

The Green School House system is a long standing tradition and an important and vibrant part of school life. There are five houses, each house representing one of the trees ion the school grounds and each house being identified by its own colour as seen in the blocks above. Each student and member of staff is allocated a House on arrival at the school and students wear the colour of their house on their jumpers.

All students have the opportunity to represent their house in a number of interhouse events, competitions and  quizzes held throughout the year. These include Sports Competitions, The Christmas Carol Competition, Cheerleading Challenge, Fashion Show Challenge and Science Quiz to name a few. There are always house points up for grabs in these interhouse challenges which go towards the House Total.

Individually, students can add to their House total by being awarded Vivos by staff which they can also use to buy items and experiences in the Vivo Shop. Vivos can be awarded for a wide range of reasons including effort, excellent work, citizenship, participation in and out of the classroom and showing initiative and perseverance. When students log into the Vivo Miles website they can see how many Vivos they have, exactly why they have been awarded Vivos and which member of staff has awarded them.

Each house is led by two students, the House Captain and Vice House Captain. These students run election campaigns for one week in June and at the end of that week all the members of their house have a chance to vote for their new leaders. The House Captain and Vice House captain plan and lead two House assemblies each half term and are responsible for motivating, involving and organising their house.

A vital part of the House system is fundraising. Each house is responsible for organising a Charity Week at different points of the year. This year we will select a local charity to raise money for. In addition, we hope representatives from the charity will come into school to speak to students and raise awareness of both the charity and the issues it deals with as well as giving students an opportunity to volunteer at or assist the charity.

We are very proud of the school’s long tradition, not only using the House system to bring students together in a competitive yet fun way but also raising much needed money for many charities. This year we raised over £5,500 and have set our target even higher for next year.

The running house totals for each house and photos from interhouse events are regularly updated on the home page of the school website and also on the screens and boards around school.

The House Year begins in July with Sports Day and through to May of the following year when it culminates in the whole school House Winners Assembly just before public exams begin. This is when all the hard work pays off and the winners are announced as the three cups are presented: The House Points Cup, The Vivo Cup and the big one…the Inter-House Winners Cup.

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