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Mr F Markall (Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and Intervention)
Mrs J Ansley (Senior Inclusion Administrator)
Mrs R Burke (Learning Support Assistant)
Ms C Clark (Learning Support Assistant)
Mrs C de St Croix (SENCO)
Mrs K Howe (Learning Support Assistant)
Mrs N Lovelock (Learning Support Assistant)
Ms Y Murphy (Learning Support Assistant)
Mrs A Power (High Level Teaching Assistant)
Ms J Sin (Learning Support Assistant)

Located at the heart of the school the Inclusion Centre supports subject areas and the pastoral team in placing learning at the centre of all that is done at The Green School.

The department consists of the Curriculum Leader, Learning Support Assistants, a Gifted and Talented co-ordinator, and an EAL co-ordinator, who aim to support students by reducing barriers to learning and ensuring the most able students are challenged. This holistic approach to supporting learning enables all students to achieve their potential.

We also support the needs of students who have disabilities, aiming to provide as inclusive and social environment as possible.