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Mr D Gould
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Literacy at The Green School
Research shows that reading to a young child is the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education. It has been proved that for older children the number of words learned in a year from independent reading is in the thousands for the typical child.

The National Literacy Trust research has shown that there is an important positive relationship between reading enjoyment, reading frequency and reading attainment, with children who regularly read stories or novels outside school having better reading scores than children who rarely read for pleasure.

To encourage all students at The Green School to read more frequently, we have introduced an idea from the National Literacy Trust called DEAR, ‘Drop Everything and Read’. A DEAR session consists of getting the whole school to stop, drop what they are doing and to read, for pleasure, for 20 minutes. At The Green School, we are going to trial it in one pm registration session per week. The DEAR poster gives information about when the sessions take place.

Ofsted described DEAR sessions as ‘DEAR developed confidence in reading and broadened students’ knowledge of different writing genres. Students could talk knowledgeably about what they were currently reading and the type of books that they enjoyed.’

Independent reading appears to be an important source of vocabulary growth so we are also re-launching WOW, ‘Word of the Week’ to further support and extend readers vocabulary. The WOW word is in The Green School planner and on the website. Students will take part in a WOW activity during am registration, please see the WOW poster for more information about activities.

Did you know it has been proven that improving spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG) can add to improving a student's grade? Each subject at The Green School has a set of Literacy Placemats to support students in lessons with sentence structures, starters, connectives and punctuation.

Did you know that parents are the most important reading role models for children and young people: What are you reading today?

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