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Welcome to all parents and carers
We welcome you to join us at our one of our Parent, Teacher & Friends Association meetings at The Green School for Girls.

Parents and carers are invited to become members of the PTFA, so please come along to the next meeting and find out how you could support the school.  In addition to fundraising, it is also a great way to make friends and meet other parents as well as strengthening the School’s community. We aim to have two parent/carer Class Representatives for each form to help communicate PTFA events and organise social gatherings. Please see the letter below if you are interested in becoming a Class Rep.

The committee members for the school year 2016/17 were at the last AGM selected to be: -

Susan Stewart        - Chair
Ulrica Slaughter      - Vice Chair
Linda Dobson         - Secretary
Tracey Trotter         - Assistant Secretary
Helen Neal              - Treasurer
Mary Downing         - Assistant Treasurer
Rachel Sharma       - Communications
Miss A Douglas       - Assistant Headteacher
Doug Neal               - Governor Liaison
Lyn Streather          - School Liaison
Amina Ali                - Committee Member
Luani Baird             - Committee Member
Faiza Khan             - Committee Member
Fola Onipede          - Committee Member

There will be many opportunities to get involved during the year and support us in lots of ways, such as:

  • Come along to meetings
  • Come along to social events
  • Support fundraising through Easy fundraising
  • Help publicise events
  • Volunteer to help at a school events
  • Offer your talents
  • Provide professional support to the PTFA such as fundraising, accounting advice, events management & PR

We are sure there will be something to appeal to everyone, and if there is not then please contact us with your ideas and suggestions:

PTFA meetings
The next PTFA meetings will be on Thursday 12th October 2017 and Wednesday 1st November 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Circle. It would be great if you could join us!

Please follow the link to the PTFA minutes below:
10th May 2017 - Minutes
22nd March 2017 - Minutes
1st February 2017 - Minutes
11th January 2017 - Minutes
30th November 2016 - Minutes
2nd November 2016 - Minutes
5th October 2016 - Minutes
14th September 2016 AGM - Minutes
20th April 2016 - Minutes
10th February 2016 - Minutes
20th January 2016 - Minutes
4th November 2015 - Minutes
14th October 2015 - Minutes
13th May 2015 - Minutes

Year 7 Parents/Carers and Daughters Event on Thursday 5th October, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm.
Quiz Night on Friday 10th November 2017 which is open to all students, parents and carers.  Full details to follow.

Make money by shopping online
If you shop online regularly via the website, it will be no cost to yourself but the companies will make a small donation to the school when you make a purchase.

  1. Letter from the Parents, Teachers, Friends Association (PTFA) March 2017