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Remote Access

Pupils are able to access the school system from home via a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) system.  To be able to do this software will need to be installed on your home computer.

If you have already installed the software, please go to to access the school VDI system. Hint: save this address to your favourites so you don't have to go through the school website to access the VDI system.

If you have not installed the sofware or would like to download the latest version of the software, please download the attachment titled "Instructions for downloading Citrix" and follow the information in the pdf.

Students are restricted to 500MB of space on the school system.  Please read the last pdf to see how much space you are using on the school system.

  1. Instructions_for_downloading_Citrix_Windows_v3
  2. Instructions_for_downloading_Citrix_MAC
  3. Instructions for changing your password
  4. Citrix_Troubleshooting_Guide_v5
  5. Instructions for Removing Files from your Documents Folder