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Science College

The Green School was granted specialist science status in 2004 and was redesignated in 2010. Specialist schools are an important part of the Government’s plans to raise standards in secondary education. Specialist status enables us to create a challenging environment which raises standards of achievement and enhances the quality of teaching and learning not just in science but in all areas of the school curriculum.

Specialist status also provides additional funding for the school linked to an on-going development plan. Students are already benefiting from the specialist status in a number of ways, including improved science facilities and extra-curricular opportunities.

As well as raising standards in the classroom, specialist status also means extending opportunities for applied learning and enrichment activities through building links with business, employers, higher education institutions and the community at large. Doing so addresses the needs of future citizens in a scientific world, embracing ethical, social, cultural and moral issues related to science, mathematics and engineering.

Specialist status also allows us to work closely with partner primary and secondary schools to provide or facilitate high quality learning opportunities and outcomes in science. For instance we are currently working with Oaklands, Marlborough and Isleworth Town on a number of Science related initiatives.

The science status at The Green School is also underpinned by mathematics and ICT. For example, science and mathematics run a range of exciting competitions, clubs and projects which aim to broaden the girls’ experiences of both subjects. This also enables them to make connections between the subjects and their every-day use. Maths also has a large role to play in Science and Engineering week in March every year.

We would welcome your contributions, thoughts and ideas as to how we can move The Green School forward as we take the next steps in our journey to ensure we remain at the fore-front of learning in Science.