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Sixth Form Curriculum

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GCSE, AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Level qualifications have been or are being reformed in England and Wales, with the first wave already being taught last year.  Subjects that have not been reformed will no longer be available for teaching from September 2018. 

All Sixth Form subjects we offer will have been reformed, with the exception of A-level Film Studies and Mathematics, which will be reformed by September 2017.

Reformed A-levels:

  • have new content with greater input from universities
  • are a linear two year course with external assessment at the end of the second year
  • have kept the A* to E grading scale

A Stand-alone AS qualification is only worth 40% of a whole A-level (AS-level used to be worth 50% of the A-level qualification).

This, combined with the fact that some of the new specifications are not co-teachable (e.g. students being taught a one-year or a two-year course together in the same teaching group and by the same subject teacher), have effectively eroded the value and status of one-year, AS-level qualification in our view.  As a school, we believe that students should pursue linear, two-year A Level courses only.  This is why we ask students to take one of the four following Pathways:

- three A-levels

- the  BTEC Diploma Qualification, equivalent to two A-levels plus one other A-level)

- the BTEC Extended Diploma Qualification, equivalent to three A-Levels.  Students are also able to opt into one UCAS collector course, such as EPQ or Core Maths (worth half an A-level)

- students who attain at least 4 A* (or equivalent) GCSE grades and 4 A (or equivalent) GCSE grades including English and Maths may be able to study a 4th A level should they wish to

In order to continually improve our provision, we have recently formed a new partnership with a number of other local schools.  These new relationships aim to:

  • provide an increased range of courses by giving access to courses at partner schools
  • ensure that students can study A Level courses in a wider variety of combinations
  • increase the range of vocational courses available to our students
  • continue to access experienced and specialist teaching throughout the Sixth Form
  • broaden the enrichment opportunities for our students

Information of courses on offer within the partnership will be provided during your application process.

Please do not hesitate to speak to Mr I Hamidon or other senior teachers if you would like further clarification or advice in this matter.


We believe all students should leave The Green School as evaluative, critically-able and religiously literate young adults. As such it is our duty to include Religious Education in their Sixth Form experience.

Our Programme works with a Critical Thinking pedagogy and therefore the focus of the lessons is on the students’ skills and thinking, not on teacher-led learning. Sixth Form students are involved with the planning and delivery of these sessions. The primary role of the teacher is to facilitate thinking and debate. Some of the issues covered are highly emotive and will need to be managed with care in a respectful and supportive environment. As facilitator it is not up to the teacher to offer their own opinions or try and shape others’ views, but to ensure that all students are developing their reasoning skills and justification for their opinions.

2016-17 Programme: The Sixth Form Moral Maze

  • Would ‘God Bless America’ right now?
  • Is religion the problem or the solution?
  • Is it OK to mock religion?
  • Are our bodies our own to do whatever we want?
  • Are we responsible for our actions?