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Sixth Form Leadership

Introduction to The Green School Sixth Form:

My name is Elissa and I am the Head Girl for this academic year (2016-2017).  I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at A level.

The main aspect of the sixth form that differs it from others is the strong sense of community.  The small class sizes ensure personal teaching, tailored to suit the students' needs, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential academically.  The Green School evidently maintains a high quality of education, and it is doubtless that the passion of the teachers and enthusiasm of its students are key factors of the school's success.

As Head Girl, I am able to work with my peers and the staff to take forward student suggestions so that the sixth form is in a process on continuous improvement.  I passionately believe in the vital role of student voice and intend to emphasise this in my final year at the school.  Any issues or developments are addressed in our regular prefect meetings.

Moreover, our 'Broadening Horizons' programme allows us to explore extracurricular activities from debating clubs to first aid courses.  This provides students with experiences that will 'boost' their university applications or any post-education programs.  If there are any proposals, the prefect team will be responsible for feeding this back to teachers and the Head of Sixth Form.

It is, therefore, a privilege to be the Head Girl and represent the students that make The Green School so special.

 Head Girl

Name: Elissa


Position: Head Girl


Subjects: Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry


Aspiration: To be a Doctor

 Deputy Head Girl

Name: Freya


Position: Deputy Head Girl


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths


Aspiration: To study medicine and be a Doctor

 Deputy Head Girl

Name: Debbie


Position: Deputy Head Girl


Subjects: Physics, Maths, Geography


Aspiration: To be a Physicist and make a change

 Assistant Head Girl

Name: Amy


Position: Assistant Head Girl


Subjects: Biology, Geography, Psychology


Aspiration: To be a Teacher

 Assistant Head Girl

Name: Heather


Position: Assistant Head Girl


Subjects: BTEC Health and Social Care and EPQ


Aspiration: To go into the hair and beauty industry

 Assistant Head Girl

Name: Ewnet


Position: Assistant Head Girl


Subjects: Sociology, Physics, Maths


Aspiration: Still figuring things out